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Pittsburgh POS is the premier Aloha dealer in Pennsylvania, exclusively serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding area since 1999.  Our professional staff is committed to offering the highest level of service possible to all our clients.  The implementation team has many years of food and beverage experience and can assist you in streamlining your business operations and increasing your bottom line.  While our technicians are able to help diagnoise and fix any system issues quickly and efficently.

Do you know your restaurant's "Pulse"?

Radiant PulseNCR Pulse Real-TimeNCR has released an exciting new iPhone app.  Pulse Real-Time delivers actionable, operational information to a user's smart phone in real-time.  Now operators can know exactly what is going on in their business, regardless of where they are.  By turning data collected from the POS system into actionable information and deliverying it to their fingertips. Pulse Real-Time helps operators make insightful and immediate decisions that directly impact the bottom line. 
    Get a Pulse on your business today:
        Real-time data sales, labor, comps, voids (Subscription required)
        Up to the second sales and labor forecasting
        Send messages to your employees
        React to and track social media posts in real time (Yelp, twitter, Facebook)

You must be running a POS system from NCR (Aloha) to receive real time updates and have a
Hosted Solutions contract in place to enable certain features of the app.

Improved customer service in the palm of your hands

NCR Mobile Pay and Orderman Sol

As the need for mobility in restaurants increases, the need for restaurant hardened solutions are being developed by NCR.

NCR Mobile Pay:
   An application that enables your guests to browse their bill, re-order menu items, alert their server and pay all directly from the smartphone.  Seamlessly integrated with the NCR Aloha point-of-sale solution.

Orderman SOL:
    The Orderman SOL is specially made to thrive in the tough environment of the hospitality industry.  Ergonomics, design and robustness make Orderman devices what they are: professional tools for professional restaurateurs.